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New Furriness -- Symptom?

Guest Lori

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I noticed the other day that Damien had quite the crop of fuzz on his butt all of a sudden. He's never been completely naked back there, but it's thin. Then my husband and I were looking at him and he's fuzzy all over. All this new fur is quite soft, like a bunny. :wub:


He was on antibiotics and a painkiller a couple of weeks ago for what we thought was a bladder infection. Well, he's in today for tests that will tell us if he has transitional cell carcinoma. Is this fuzziness a symptom?


Please keep him in your thoughts. He'll be 11 in October and is such a good, sweet boy.

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I don't believe it is.


As Miss Echo ages, she's filling in more fuzz. Her belly, which used to be completely nekkid, now has a layer of soft down on it. Even her patchy bottom is filling in.

Jennifer and Beamish (an unnamed Irish-born Racer) DOB: October 30, 2011


Forever and always missing my "Vowels", Icarus, Atlas, Orion, Uber, and Miss Echo, and Mojito.

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Guest chucknstan

Chuck is the same way! We always thought it was because of his thyroid. He used to be a baldy, and then suddenly his fur came in super soft. Everyone who pets him can't believe it - they always say he is the softest dog they've ever felt.

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Guest Spencers_Greyt

Spencer has gotten fuzzy too. He used to be nakey on his butt and thighs and tummy but he now has a nice covering of soft soft fur. I don't know why but I'm happy he's finally filled in after 5 years!


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Guest RocketDog

Whatever the secret is, pass it on to my two - no matter what supplements I use they're still nekkid! The coat they do have is soft, plush and shiny, but I constantly get asked if I shave them on purpose (because DUH, shaving their butts makes them more aerodynamic or whatever)


I do know that mine are starting to blow coat right now, and their new coat is starting to come in under that, so perhaps it's just the change of season that's bringing in the new soft coat?

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