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Raw Feeding After A Dental

Guest GriffinsMom

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Guest GriffinsMom

After the Great Dental of '09, Miles lost 26 teeth including all his molars. Due to excessive calcium loss in his bones, Miles is not be given anything hard to chew as he may fracture his jaw. His vet was very concerned during the dental that Miles jaw may have fractured during the extractions but thankfully this did not happen.


I feed raw but will grind Miles food so he can easily eat it once he heals. It was recommended to me that I cook Miles food (no ground bones) until the open sockets heal in his mouth due to possible problems with bacteria from the raw food. Do you agree? Is there a possible problem with feeding raw now, only 5 days after the extraction, rather than waiting another 10 days or so? I'll admit there is a selfish reason behind this. I can barely deal with the food raw but do so as it is the best diet for my dogs. Smelling the meat cook is revolting to me and the fewer times I have to do it the happier I will be.


Also, any recommendations how to strengthen Miles bones? He will be getting ground raw bones in his food when he can eat raw again.


Thank you for your input.



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Guest BlackandBrindle

Honestly, I'd feed the cooked food until his mouth is healed.


If you can't handle the smell, dump everything in a crockpot and put it in the garage or balcony or something so that the house doesn't smell like cooking food...


I feed raw but neither of my dogs have had to have a dental while in my care. Is he on antibiotics?

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Guest mickie37

After my foster had a major extraction, I put him on Wellness Core softened until the holes healed. He is on raw again and because he has no upper teeth I smash the poultry bones with a meat cleaver and then cut it into bite sized pieces.

Good luck.chow.gif


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Guest KennelMom

Yeah, I'd probably err on the side of caution and not feed raw until those sockets have healed. Erin had an upper canine socket that never closed up and we had to check it often for food (kibble).


I'm not sure what, if anything, you can do to strengthen his jaw bone. Typicall the vet will put them on antibiotics to help clear any bone infection that might be causing weakness in the jaw.

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Guest RocketDog

One of my fosters lost seven teeth today, and I'm planning on feeding her kibble softened with some sodium-free broth for a few days while things heal up a bit. I do have a curved-tip syringe that I plan to flush her two bigger empty sockets with after her meal (I'll just use distilled water or saline solution) to make sure nothing is stuck inside the wounds.


If she were my personal dog, I would probably feed her some little bite-sized chunks of beef or chicken breast that she could just swallow. The chunks of meat go right down without really coming into contact with the open wounds, where kibble or cooked mush might be smashed up into the wounds as the dog eats. But this is my personal opinion, and I totally understand the concerns that have been raised - especially since your boy had a much rougher dental.

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