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Upset Stomach

Guest amour

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Gurgeling stomach for 2 days. Have been giving 1 Pepto 2x day.He has not eaten in 24 hrs. He has no other symptoms.

He is a food lover, should I try ground beef and white rice? Thanks

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How was his poop? Is he still peeing? Is he drinking water? Could he have gotten into something? Is he vomiting?


Try the ground beef and rice. If he doesn't eat at least a small amount at the next meal - make an appointment with the vet.



Drinks some water--not normal quantity/ no vomitting / normal stools.

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Guest Energy11

I'd give Pepcid AC (generic is fine) hidden in something, wait about 35-40minutes, and I use boiled chicken and rice. PLAIN yogert and pumpkin help, too.


Just keep the diet bland for a few days and see how it goes. It is GOOD that there is no vomitiing or diarrhea! Just a tummy ache/ate something outside, probably. Good Luck!

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