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Upper Pad

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I went to let lexie out of her cage so i don't know when it happened if it was from the cage or earleir outside but there was blood all over. When I finally figured where it was coming from..it is the one pad above the reg paw pads if that makes sense. It looks like it got cut from something. Anyways, I washed and put emj gel and wrapped it cause it was still bleeding. Not gushing but still bleeding. Is there anymore I should do or look for after I take the bandage off tomorrow?


Lexie is gone but not forgotten.💜

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Guest Energy11

You can TRY Quik Stop on it, if you have any... might sting a little, but all extremities, like pads, ears, tails, etc. Bleed A LOT, which is NORMAL, because there are a lot of capillaries in them (small blood vessels). I'd use the Quik Stop to stop the bleeding, then, a little antibacterial ointment, a toddler sock and hopefully a bootie, of you have one. Should be fine, but DO keep an eye out for infection... (swelling, redness, pus, etc.)


Good Luck! OUCH! DEE

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Naples hurt a toe once, and bled like that. I used LOTS of Quik Stop, and finally got the bleeding stopped. I almost resorted to super glue!


But for Naples, I bandaged the foot loosely, just because the cut was in a spot that touched the ground, and I did not want it opening back up. For your girlie, I would do exactly what you did: get the bleeding stopped, clean it up, and apply EMT gel, then keep an eye on it. I should think she'll be just fine! :)

Sarah, the human, Henley, and Armani the Borzoi boys, and Brubeck the Deerhound.
Always in our hearts, Gunnar, Naples the Greyhounds, Cooper and Manero, the Borzoi, and King-kitty, at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Guest RocketDog

Both of ours have scuffed up their stop pads, and the most it ever required was a blip of antibacterial gel and some gauze, held on with vetwrap for a few days.

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