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Has Anyone Used Cornell For A Dental (ny)

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Sobe might need a tooth pulled - broke off a canine. My vet is VERY gun-shy to do work on his mouth. Mine are the only greys they've ever seen - and they're scared to death they they might break his jaw doing an extraction (that skinny long jaw!).


OK - the fact that they are scared, and (thank goodness - HONEST about it ) makes me want to take him somewhere else.


They recommend Cornell - but from what I've heard - Cornell is about the MOST expensive in a 3 state area. Yes, top notch, but could there be other COMPETENT people?


Anybody from southern NY, northern PA have any vet recommendations? Or experience with Cornell?

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Guest Elwood

My friend's grey was treated at Cornell after being hit by a pickup truck.

They are competent for the most part but very expensive

Normally My friend and I take our girls to the Briar Patch vet hospital in Ithaca.

Dr. McMaster has owned retired racers in the past and is very greyhound saavy.

You could also solicit opinions on Ithaca's Craigslist.

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