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Weird Thing...

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This has happened 3 or 4 times over the past year or so. And it happened again last night. We got home last night, Sobe and Diana were super happy -bouncy - glad to see us. Gave them lots of pets- then outside for potty. They ran around for a few minutes in the yard, did their potty. Came in, and I fed them. A little while later, Sobe was panting, trying to get into corners, into closets, trying to hide. Or, when I went to get him out, clinging on me - and quivering. When I touched him, he was quivering all over. Small little quivers all over.


He wouldn't lie down, just was trying to hide in any corner or crevice. That to me is a sign of a dog in pain. I ran my hands all over him, and couldn't find any obvious sore spots.


After an hour or so, he layed down and was then fine. I worried that I fed him to soon after running around - but the other times it's happened weren't around food.


I just don't know what this is. Panting, hanging head down low, quivering all over the body, and trying to "Hide" into the craziest corners he'd never go into. He even tried to get under the drapes.


So - I'm a bit scared. Obviously something was wrong.


But - I can't go to the vet with a perfectly fine dog and say he acted weird last night.

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Yes, you can.




Three or four times--it isn't just a fluke. What if it happens when you aren't home and he hurts himself in his panic? (And how does Diana react to him? How would she react to him if you weren't there?) Get the vet's suggestions, and see if he thinks blood work now would be of any use at all.


Anything happen in the yard, recently? Any chemical treatments? It might be something that bothers him but not Diana. Your vet might have other ideas.


Good luck.

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Jane (WW's Aunt Jane from Trent Lee and Aunt M); photos to come.

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My collie would do the same thing. The first time it happened, I knew something was really wrong. I felt him all over, and when I felt down his shoulder to his chest going under the armpit area, he tried to bite me. This guy would never hurt a fly, so I knew he was in pain. He was probably about 9 at the time, so I took him to the ER (on a Sat night). They of course couldn't find anything wrong, doped him up, etc. and he was still uncomfortable the next day. On Mon. a.m. I called my vet and brought him right him. I explained what happened, he felt him all over and when he got to the spot I mentioned, Max flipped his head around to tell him he was in pain. There was definitely swelling that he could feel, and he was put on Metacam and tramadol for a few days, and he was good as new. He was a big guy, and would bounce and play like my grey, and come down hard on his front legs. He had several episodes in the 5+ years we had him, and each time we had to give him the meds to reduce swelling and take care of the pain. It is possible that Sobe pulled a muscle, even without the GSOD.


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Guest greytbookert

I've brought my dogs in for things that seem strange but most vets understand that you know your dog better than anyone and will typically help pinpoint what is going on or perhaps give a different point of view.


Was there, perhaps, a storm approaching any of these times?

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Sorry I dropped this question then didn't come back. Thanks for your responses. I haven't been able to get back to GT for a while.


A few days after I posted, Sobe did it again, this time in the backyard after a run. Same symptoms. My neighbor - a horse trainer, was outside, and saw me and Sobe and asked if everything was OK. So - I told him about the incidents. He came over, and checked Sobe out. He's a fantastic horse trainer, and also - a lifelong breeder and ower of top-notch Cattle-dogs. He came over and gave Sobe a GOOD look-over massage.... head to toes touching, feeling, watching and listening to the dog.....and by the time he was done.... Sobe was FINE.


His opinion - Sobe pulled a front leg muscle.... which hurts the back and neck also. A front leg muscle-pull is odd in any dog (usually the pull a back-leg muscle) - but it happens. Maybe an old injury popping up. Probably from running like a maniac puppy - when he's an out-of-shape old man. MOST dogs that he knows, wouldn't do that to themselves but "My crazy high-speed greyhounds" seem to fly into a run when the mood strikes them. So - Sobe pays for it.


Basically - his "inspection" of Sobe - was a very CALM person, doing a very slow massage/inspection. And it worked. Sobe was still stiff afterwards, but not at ALL the crying, pacing, mess I'd seen before.


He needed to be calmed down - his pain massaged away. Pain only gets worse when mamma is freaking out about it.


This will undoubtedly happen again - but - NOW I know how to help him. Calm, reassuring, and massage. I learned this from a horse guy, and a dog guy, but not a "greyhound" guy. But - the Guy was right. He KNOWS animals.

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Guest Winterwish

I'm glad Sobe is feeling better and that the massage helped him. :dogcookie:heart

It defintely did sound like reaction to pain of some kind. I hope Sobe will be just fine and that it won't come back again. Sending gentle scritches out to sweet Sobe. :wub:

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