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Paw Pads Torn Off

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Hi All,


So yesterday after work I decided to take Roscoe on his first trip to the dog park. I was a little apprehensive but decided the benefits to him would probably outweigh the risks... so off we went.


Well he had a grand time. It had been too long since he played with other large dogs and I could tell he was really enjoying it. He got along perfectly with everyone and was running around like a crazy man. :offwall


One of the other dog owners was throwing a ball which Roscoe and a couple other dogs were chasing. At one point the dogs went running after the ball, and they all ended up in a "dog pile' as they grabbed for the ball. One of the dogs cried out.. I had no idea it was Roscoe. I figured someone got stepped on, and there appeared to be no problems.


Fast forward a few minutes. I'm watching Roscoe across the park and I'm wondering if my eyes are playing tricks on me. Is he limping? I call him over, and the possible limp was so slight I questioned whether it was even there. As he turned around though, I noticed a bit of blood on his foot. Upon inspection, he had ripped off half of his pad! (Not the toe pads, just the big one). A piece of the pad was hanging off and it was bloody. Then someone pointed out that the other paw looked bloody too. He had ripped/scraped the pads off BOTH front feet! :omg


We left right away for home. You'd never know he was hurt at the park, but in the car he just looked depressed. I had to carry his big butt into the house (fun!) and get him laid out on his bed. I rinsed his pads with warm water to flush out the dirt and then cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. (He started crying so loud! It broke my heart..! I've never heard him cry before.. :cry1) I got it all clean and put a little anti-bacterial ointment on them and covered his feet with baby socks. He then got dinner, a big peanut butter kong, and snoozed for the rest of the evening.


At about midnight when i brought him out for the final pee of the day, he was limping pretty good. I got him back into bed and he slept for the rest of the night. He's still limping a bit this morning and his pads are still very raw.


So I guess I'd like to know if A). I cleaned them properly and we just take it easy until they heal, and B ). how did this happen so I can try to prevent it again? At first I thought maybe he stepped on a rock wrong and it sliced his pad off. But BOTH FEET?? :dunno What do you think?


Thanks for listening :paw:paw

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well, hydrogen peroxide probably isn't the best thing to put on them unless you dilute it. I prefer Bandaid Anti bacterial wash - it's got pain reliever in it.


But, yeah, if there isn't any skin to stitch together then there's nothing the vet can do that you can't (except clean it out even more). I would probably put some no stick gauze pads and some rolled gauze on (to hold the gauze pad on) then cover it with a baby sock, but other than that I think you're good.


Oh, forgot to add, keep an eye on his feet for any infection. If you see that, go to the vet.

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My Ruby sliced her big pad running in the yard, it was a flap and bleeding a lot. I actually wrapped her foot in a sanitary pad because there was so much blood. The vet soaked her foot in that blue liquid they use (Novalson) for at least 10 minutes, trimmed the flap off, I think she might have put some type of ointment on it and wrapped her foot up. Eventually the pad will go back to normal.


I don't think you should be cleaning his foot in straight peroxide.

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Guest KennelMom

Greyhounds have notoriously tender feet. Had lots of torn and bloody pads from lure coursing on dry/summer grass. Just keep 'em clean and they'll heal in a week or two. I probably wouldn't have used h2o2, but otherwise would have done the same.

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I might use dilute HP but sterile saline with a tiny bit of iodine or betadyne would do too, for that kind of injury. Then rinse well with saline, and spray with colliodal silver. Everything else the same as you did, don't feel too bad - you've kept it clean and Roscoe should recover just fine.


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