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  1. I would probably fence it or put up a pool cover than can support their weight. I wouldn't trust them alone with it!
  2. I had one boy who whined, but didn't bark. I had one boy who barked, but sounded like a chihuahua. I have one boy who has barked twice in the 6 years we've had him. He has a deep bark. All greys are different, most don't bark much, but if you have other dogs around to teach him bad habits then a grey will probably learn.
  3. I don't think she would let me try to squeeze them, it was all I could do to just separate the toes enough to get the pics! When Beans and Stoney had them, did they have to have the vet remove whatever it was? No, my boys were VERY laid back and allowed me to pretty much do ANYTHING to them. If she won't let you get at them, don't mess with them more than you have to and/or take her to the vet.
  4. They look like they have a 'head' to them ... have you tried gently squeezing them? Both Beans & Stoney have had them before and 9 / 10 times they have 'something' nasty in them. I've even heard of them getting grass seed stuck under their skin which causes a cyst like bump to form.
  5. We use baby socks here, small like their feet, relatively tight so you don't have all that excess material taunting them to chew.
  6. I'll try the nylabone dino... might just work! He loves 'treats' - we've been giving them less as a chew thing and more as a snack. Beef Tracheas & ligaments are the big ones here - might have to get some bully sticks (we've had them before so I know at least Beans loves them). Maybe it is just a matter of training US rather than DAVE...
  7. Dave - our new boy - loves to chew on ANYTHING plastic. Most frequently it's Sarah's toys that take the brunt of the chewing. If he was chewing on anything else I would use bitter apple on it, but since Sarah puts the toys in her mouth & rubs her eyes etc I don't think that's exactly safe. Aside from cleaning up ALL THE TIME - do you guys have any suggestions on keeping him from chewing the plastic toys & non toys (today I caught him with the Roku remote...)?
  8. Beans has decided he loves poopcicles too. Not sure if it's the stressful household changes that are triggering it (baby, move, etc) or not, but it's pretty gross. Though, the eating isn't nearly as bad as the puke that sometimes follows - that's just WRONG! There's some sort of pill you can give them to make the poop taste bad to them - I forget what it's called though. It can be $$ if you have more than 1 dog b/c you have to give it to both so the poop eater doesn't eat the other ones' poo too.
  9. Stoney

    A Place For Ryan

    I noticed the banner and the dedicated gallery, I'm so sorry. Run free Ryan.
  10. Good question - I'm looking forward to hearing others opinions on this as well. Both of my boys are love sponges (as I affectionately call them) and can't get enough attention. Luckily they are already pretty low maintenance with their levels of physical activity!
  11. If they did, they cleaned it up themselves - no cleaning from us required. Though, we never gave anything bigger than turkey necks b/c the bones in the turkey legs were too sharp for our dogs to chew safely.
  12. It's funny that this came up now! At the Greyhounds Only reunion this weekend I noticed that a LOT of their dogs had jagged rib ends - more than any of the dogs at REGAP. I'm wondering if it's a genetic trait? Most of the REGAP dogs are GreyMeadows dogs...don't know about the GO dogs.
  13. My boy Stoney does this every so often - it's usually nothing - but I think you're doing the right thing taking Chase to the vet, especially since Chase is a 'food hound'. Any other changes in her routine? Bowels (diarrhea or constipation)? Drinking more or less? Sleeping more or less ( I know)? Perhaps fasting her for a day would be a good thing or even trying a bland diet? I feel like I'm grasping at straws here , sorry .
  14. Probably - but I'm prone to picking at things ( my poor poor husband!) and well, it came off without a whimper or even a flinch from my drama king boy. I'm certainly not going after the ones on his other toes. And, unless they start visibly hurting him, I'll not treat them either. My vet is very 'hands off' and doesn't believe in a lot of treatments that aren't going to benefit the dog.
  15. Thanks everyone! Apparently he has them on at least one toe on all four feet and they never bothered him.
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