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Guest lindahenning

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Guest lindahenning


A year ago we found a stray dog that started a series of events that I could not have planned. The entire story is at www.alaskadognews.com. The page started as aklurcher.com as somewhere to put Daisy’s photos as I researched what to do with this magnificent dog. I contacted our local hound groups and with some learned advice and guidance found the Daisy was in fact very special. My first question was “How does a Great Dane X Greyhound happen here in Alaska?” Since then I have found many sight hound fans and greyhounds are everywhere. There are only a few intact dogs but mushers have been breeding site hounds into sled dogs for about 20 years though it’s commonly felt that sight hound is not a complementary breed to bring into such an extreme sport. Our dog rescue groups still find younger dogs with the traits of sight hounds, possibly the mix of parents might throw back a light, fast dog with a thin coat.


So, not to get too far afield of an introduction I came here to read about Greyhounds, I invite you to read our publication that will occasionally feature our northern coursing dogs. Feel free to offer any advice about raising these dogs. Last month September, the center spread shows three very spoiled and well loved x-racing dogs from the lower 48. They spend time shopping and chatting in the dog friendly cafés.


Besides the all-encompassing task of preparing Alaska Dog News I have been helping find sight hound mixes new INDOOR homes with 2 dogs placed in the last year. We tried some lure coursing and obedience classes where Daisy excelled. She has turned out to be a universal blood donor for our first Canine Blood Bank in Alaska. If there are any members here from Alaska or more arctic areas with tips and suggestions about caring for our desert dogs here please feel free to contact us.


Linda, Daisy, and the Labradors Lucy & Molly


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You don't say where you are in AK, but mine don't really find it any different from NY other than the lovely dirt roads we walk on. Had we gone to Tok, they'd have a different opinion about the winter weather though :lol


Welcome to Greytalk.


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