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The Big D

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My puppies Baby and Brianna had the Big D a week and a 1/2 ago when I tried to switch the food to another brand. When I saw blood in Baby's stool I took them both to the vet, they tested negative for worms, etc so the vet put them on Flagl.


They were fine for a few days. I had them on rice and hamburg. The stools hardened so I started to switch them back to breeder's choice 1/2 cup with a 1/2 cup of rice and a handful of hamburg, they had the hamburg for about 5 days and now have the big D again. I'm thinking either I switched them back too soon or they have an intolerance to hamburg, which I am starting to suspect.


Anyway what I am looking for is amounts so that I don't starve them, the vet just said to give them rice and chicken but didn't say how much.


Do I give more chicken than rice or more rice than chicken?


They seemed to do fine overnight so I gave them each a cup of rice with a little chicken, we'll see how it goes today.


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