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Guest Lorraineandcrew

OK, neighbours from hell have finally moved out......thank GOD, but have left us, and the tenants on both sides of them (we are 2 doors down from them) a lovely parting gift of roaches. Yuk. I have only seen one in my kitchen, but where there is one, there are more. I also have 2 high prey cats, so I may not see any more, but it doesn't mean they're not there. Both of the other neighbours are getting their places treated, so I want to get mine done as well so they don't all just move in with us. The landlord has assured us that the pesticides they use are "pet friendly", but seeing that greys are more sensitive to things than uglier, oops, I mean other, breeds :rolleyes: I wonder if it safe for my pups. I've asked the landlord to find out exactly what they use, and then I'm going to call our vet and see what he thinks.


Does anybody have any knowledge of safe/unsafe pesticides that you could tell me about? Anybody have this experience before?


Thanx much!


and really, no offense to owners who have non-greys as well, I'm just becoming such a grey snob!

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Guest act2redux

I have my home sprayed every year about this time, since every thing is thinking about coming in now anyway. I asked my guy to tell me what he uses, and even tho' he assured me it wouldn't hurt the kids I asked the vet anyway. When the day came, I left the fuzzy kids outside, had him spray the kitchen first (the room where we confine while we are gone) then he moved on to the front of the building,basement, main floor. By the time he was ready to do the back of the building, the kitchen was dry and the girls came in without incident...

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You'd have to ask what they're going to use. An old favorite is pyrethrin (derived from chrysanthemums), "boosted" with piperolnyl butoxide. That has traditionally been thought to be very, very safe, but there are some concerns about carcinogenicity. I'm not too up on that one, to be honest.


Most of the stuff they use these days will be very safe. I prefer not to use any broadcast pesticides; I'm big on bait stations, as they keep the material from ending up where it shouldn't be- carpet and floors where dogs step in it, and end up cleaning themselves later. Fipronil is the same stuff as Frontline, and bait stations for cockroaches that use the compound can be very safe. We use the Fipronil bait stations for ants, and they contain a much smaller dose of the compound than the dermally-applied stuff ever would.

Coco (Maze Cocodrillo)

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