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Spartacus Has A Limp

Guest jhev1

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Hello everyone,


Spartacus has had a limp now for about a month or so. It's not an all the time limp, just sometimes. Sometimes when he is eating, he will stand on three legs. Or every now and then when he is doing his business, he is on three legs. Sometimes when he walks he seems to dip that shoulder more. It is the left front leg that is in question. He shows no sign of any pain, we can move the leg anyway we want, he just lays there. We have looked over the pad very closely and don't really see anything.


He is going to be 4 in November, is arthritis a possibility? Would that show up on an xray? I have taken him to the vet multiple times over this, the xrays were just done a week or so ago. He still does his zoomies around the house and still wants to go walking. We have dramatically cut back his excerise since the vet thinks it is a soft tissue injury and rest would help. He used to go around the block daily (2 miles) and to the park a couple of times a week for close to 2 hours at a time. That has been cut back to 3 times around the block with no jogging and no park.


Anyone have any ideas?


Here is a pic just because.





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What a pretty boy. Sending prayers. :hope

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"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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Has he been tested for any tick diseases (lyme, etc) recently? If not, that might be the next thing I'd look for!


Spartacus is a cutie. :)

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