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Guest sidewaysfallin

Sophie just moved with my to college. She went from a house with my parents and another dog, to a small apartment with just me. No separation anxiety/whining. We are using a Dap diffuser to make her more comfortable as well.


Her eating has been off, more than normal and she eats one meal maybe every other day. I have tried everything from boiled meat, rice, pumpkin, babyfood, kibble, canned food ect. with no change. Took her to the vet up here and they did a stool sample. Nothing showed up but they said it might be giardia (?) and gave me flagyl. She has been on that for about a 2 days.


Now when I feed her her, or try to she smells the food, and then almostly violently rubs/whipes her nose on whatever is closest to her such as the bed or floor. She does this repeatedly and almost looks like she is in a daze. If I call her name she stops. Any idea of what this behavior is, and what I can do to get her to eat?


Also, I am scheduling blood work for her, should I talk to the vet about anything in particular in relation to the bloodwork and should I request anymore tests? I just want my girl to feel better!



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Guest KiKi_Girl

Kiki has done this before...if she doesn't want to eat what is in front of her she will rub her nose in a motion like she wants to bury the food, or cover it up. I just pick it up before she can make a mess.


I've moved quite a few times with KiKi and sometimes she is fine and other times she is a little off for a while. She always ends up eating - i figure she'll get hungry enough and want to eat. Sometimes that means a little bile upset in the mornings if she hasn't eaten, but she has never starved and she always seems to make up for it when she does decide that eating is okay again.


Sorry I have no great idea to make her eat, but I bet she will when she gets settled and figures out her new routine.


Good luck.

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Guest paulamariez

Domino tries to "bury" his food when his tummy gets upset from not eating. Sometimes he just goes on a hunger strike. We usually have to intervene and give him a dose of Pepto Bismol. Most of the time you can hear their stomachs growling, because they're really hungry. They've just gone without food long enough that their stomach feels upset, so they don't eat. It becomes a vicious cycle. If it were me, I'd give her one or two tablespoons of liquid Pepto, if you can. If not, try giving her two Pepto caplets. The liquid works better and faster because is coats their tummies right away, rather than waiting for the capsule to break down. After a little while, then try offering her one of her favorite foods and try and coax her to eat a little. I think your little sweetheart may be homesick and is showing it by not eating. We moved from the house we were in for ten years. Our one greyhound Tiger lived there for like two years and Bueller and Domino were there for about one year. It seriously took them about 6 months to feel really "at home" there. I'm not saying she won't eat or feel OK there for 6 months! Just until she really feels "at home". She's still adjusting and she probably really misses her little doggie companion too! She's really a cutie pie! Look at that big smile on her face!! She just needs a little time to adapt and she'll be fine! Just give her tummy a little help! Tiger, Bueller and Domino are sending Sophie some feel better doggie kisses! They said to tell her that they know how she feels, 'cuz they had to move out of their homes to a new house too!

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Her stomach is probably upset. Try giving her Pepcid at least 30 minutes before you feed her. Since you are getting bloodwork done you may as well have a comprehensive panel done. You could ask the vet about giving her Carafate for a few days also to see if that will help settle her tummy. Try cooking her some chicken and rice, overcook the rice and give it to her with some broth. Moving is always an adjustment so that may be why she is not eating well, but you are wise to take her in and get the bloodwork done just in case.

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