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Max Help Please

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Maxs' arm was hurting and it took me forever to find the problem. (6 hours). I have no idea when it happened. He has a little cut on top of his shoulder. It looked infected this morning so I ended up cutting the hair and I put him in the sink and sprayed him with the sprayer with warm water. Then I put some quadriderm on him. I have no idea how long he has had this. With all the hair, it could have been days and it started to hurt when it got infected.


Anyway, is there something else I can do? I am not used to this. The greys get a huge cut and just keep on going. Max is totally different. I feel so bad.......


He is sleeping a lot. But he is eating and having normal elimination.


Thank you

Sheila and CO

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Guest CindiLuvsGreys

Sounds like you have taken very good care of Max's problem. I would get him to a vet just to get some antibiotics if the cut still look infected in the morning. He should be all fixed up in no time.

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Awwww...poor baby. :grouphug I agree vet just in case he need some antibiotics. Cody has something like that once too and it sure looked angry. The only reason I noticed it was his hair was stiff and nasty in that area and I thought he got into something. When I went to clean him I discovered his boo boo.


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