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Nails Trimmed! No Big Deal!

Guest Pharaohs_Dad

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Guest Pharaohs_Dad

I'm not bragging here, but I really rather leave the nail trimming to someone else. I learned from our new "clipper of the claws" that dogs do not like to be clipped in a vulnerable position such as lying down.

Our heaven sent groomer of the footsies has a groomers table & has been a groomer for quite a long time. I brought Pharaoh to her last Saturday & what I thought would be a huge ordeal took less then 20 seconds total!....Pharaoh paid no attention to what was going on. No rubbing or buffing but snip, snip, snip...Done! How much?............$5.00

Oh, .. I'm so happy!

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Good for you! $5 sounds like a great deal...for both dogs??


Last weekend, I took my biggest whiney-butt girl down to my friend's house (an hour and a half drive) to trim her nails for me, and she even provided the treats! For me and Wabi! :lol


Oh, boy, that all sounds so bad! :P I've got to stop posting so late at night! :lol


My Inspirations: Grey Pogo, borzoi Katie, Meep the cat, AND MY BELOVED DH!!!
Missing Rowdy, Coco, Brilly, Happy and Wabi.

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