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Update On Scooter

Guest Nutmeg1

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Guest Nutmeg1

I put this in the other thread, but it would not let me update the topic. So I made a new one.


Thanks for all your continued prayers for Scooter. Scooter is home. He has been home for a week now, and he is doing better. He still coughs a little when he eats, but hopefully this will clear up. Dr. B thinks it was an overdose of his meds, pheno and pot. bromide that was causing all the trouble. That's why he was having a hard time with the stairs and walking in general, and it caused his esophagus to not work correctly. The test for mega-esophagus came back negative. He is on a soft food diet. He was off of his meds for a good three weeks to clear them out of his system, and he was like his old self! We tried to give him just his normal dose of pheno, no pt. bromide, and he immediately started having bad side effects again. We have halved his dose now, and he seems better. We are afraid of a seizure at this point, but all we can really do is wait. If this dose doesn't work, we will have to look at other meds. We went from thinking he had a brain tumor to an OD on meds, so we have been through the ringer on this one. He is so happy to be home, and I am glad he is with me. I will be sure to keep you all updated on his progress. Thanks again for all the good wishes.


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