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Is Cranberry Ok?

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I wrote a post last week about accidents Hobbes was having in the house. Linky Today he had another one, where he just couldn't stop no matter what I said or did. He looks so guilty while doing it. I took him to the vets on Monday, he had a clean bill of health. I still don't think this is a training issue. He does no where to go he just can't seem to hold it.


That brings me to my question is cranberry supplements ok to give to dogs? I suffer quite regularly from UTI, (it's not fun) cranberry pills work wonders for me. They really do help maintain urinary tract health. I was wondering if I could try them for a week on Hobbes to see if there is any improvement.


I will bring him back to the vets if this continues, just want to see if this may help.

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Guest kellygreyhound

cranberry is definitely okay--if you check out the KV Vet Supply catalog, they've actually got cranberry powder for dogs with urinary tract issues. Good luck, hope it helps!!

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Guest HersheysMom

I've been giving Sonie one Solaray CranActin tablet per day for at least a year now, and no crystals or UTIs. Here is a link:




If you decide to get it, order from luckyvitamin.com. It's the cheapest I've found it yet.

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Yup, Cranberry is just fine to give them. Whenever we bring home a new dog, the first thing I do is start them on cranberry pills so I know that their neuter won't cause a UTI. ;) One caplet daily is what I give.

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