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Thanks Again Secret Santa Leah!


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We opened the rest of our SS gifts on Christmas morning. Holly and Silver LOVE the cookies and the toys! Holly carries her toy around the house - I think it might have replaced Barney which is what she used to carry around! Silver was sooo much fun to watch - that boy knows how to open presents and seems to have such fun doing it! I love the candle, t-shirt and look forward to making the pie! I'll post pictures soon.


Thanks again!

Kim, Silver and Holly


PS - I used to pass the bakery that you got the dog biscuits from when we lived in that area and I never got around to stopping in. My dogs had to move to PA to get dog biscuits from a place that used to be 10 minutes from our house! I found it ironic that you are from the area that we just moved from!



<p>Kim and the hound - Rumor
Missing my angels Marlow, Silver, Holly and Lucky

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I am glad you liked everything! The toys were from Barbara's too :colgate So now they have treats and toys from there :P Can't wait to see pictures! I had so much fun being your secret santa :colgate

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