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Thank You Chilidog

Guest BlackandBrindle

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Guest BlackandBrindle

Thank you so much Logan, Joe and Donna :D



We all appreciate our gifts very much.



Because it was Sadie's first secret exchange, Spud let her open the box....



And she ran away with the reindeer :P





Poor Spud couldn't even get a chance to play with is :lol:





The collar charms are lovely. I dress Sadie up in dragonflies and assundry bugs so that was perfect :yay




I gave Spud the angel for three reasons. 1. Perhaps it will remind him to act a little more angelic around other dogs. 2. Perhaps it will help protect him.

3. I wanted to give Sadie the dragonfly :P



Thank you for my gifts as well. The necklace is beautiful and the coffee mug is very cute. :) I love the pen and laughed out loud at our inventory list.



Thank you for making the pups' Christmas so special.

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Guest BlackandBrindle

Spud sneaked the reindeer away from Sadie so no worries :lol


He's crafty. He makes her really get into it, and then they take turns sneaking the toy. This will prove to be hours of entertainment for them :P



Thanks again!

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