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  1. Thanks DIck, Yes he's a lover, not a fighter but he ALWAYS needs to go and meet the other dogs on the street and if I don't let him walk over and say "hi" he cries like a baby. However this "troublemaking gene" of his has turned him into an awesome therapy dog. He loves the attention when he goes to see the old folks, the special needs kids and his reading program
  2. Hi DIck Wonder if you can tell us anything about Triumph McBones (our Rik T Bones) Didn't have much of a career, but it would be interesting to see if he did anything at all
  3. she's currently being fostered with 3 cats and 3 pugs so she is certainly cat and small dog "safe" LOL We have a TON of people vying for her (haw can you not love that stinkin' cute face) but if (as you say krissy) she might need more medical attention down the road well that may make for a harder decision on who will adopt her... aw shucks - we'll just have to keep her ourselves
  4. She came off the track beginning of January (the 5th was her last race) after an illustrious career of 13 races. How long would it take for the hormones to leave her system??? If she is "special" we are going to have all the parts removed, as we figured it would be better for her overall and down the road health. Here's a picture
  5. One of our fosters came to us in heat (or so we thought) Her vulva was engorged and there had been some blood spots. Imaging our surprise when we took her to the vet a week or so later (she was having difficulty peeing) and the vet discovered she also had a penis! Now I believe hermaphrodites are sterile however the vet said she should have a ?spay ?neuter because she may have some "parts" that are either not supposed to be there or somehow in the wrong place(s). This may cause her trouble later in life. Anyone ever dealt with this before? D.
  6. Unfortunately Coopernikis went to the Bridge on Wednesday after 3 glorious months with us. It's never enough time but this was REALLY not enough time.
  7. Run pain-free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Coopernikis. (May 18 2004 - July 16, 2015) You entered our lives 3 months ago with dignity and grace even though you truly were a "rescue". You did not hold "humans" accountable for what happened to you You lived and loved your life here so much. We will miss your roo-ing at the door when we came home. We will miss your gumming of your toys. We will miss YOU. But we knew your time was up when you couldn't stand and were in so much pain. You gave us "the look", we gave you your release. Say hi to Rajah, Ricochet, Logan, Greta and Joe T as they greet you and show you around the Bridge. Know that you are all still in our hearts.
  8. No unfortunately not. He was certainly not adopted through our group and the kill shelter (now that's an oxymoron if i've ever heard one) didn't have any information on him. WHen I've got more time I will try to see if he was adopted out by the other group here in Montreal, but they probably won't give me any info (stoopid politics)
  9. Yes when we are walking the 3 hounds and folks say "oh did you rescue them" we point to Cooper and say "just him, from bad adopters. The others were treated with great care and kindness until they retired and came to us". (folks don't know what to say after that LOL)
  10. He was in a local shelter. Actually he was at a boarding facility near Montreal and his family didn't want him back when they got back from vacation The boarding place had no choice but to bring him to a shelter...
  11. Teeth are all gone and he STILL loves his kibble albeit slightly mushy (but if Miz Boofay takes too long with her unsoaked kibble he will push her out of the way and dive right in LOL) OK More pix: Tongue has nothing to hold it in anymore Don't really have any of him standing up - he doesn't do much of that these days ... Oh and he LOVES the ladies! Especially the ones wearing short skirts. He will kinda sorta attempt to get his needle nose under the skirt... he's our very own dirty old man
  12. As a greyhound adoption group here in Montreal we occasionally get calls from other groups, shelters and the like about greyhound who had been found but this was the first time we got a call about a greyhound who had been unceremoniously dumped at a "kill shelter" (why do I think that this is an oxymoron, but, in the immortal words of Joe T Reporter, I digest.... ) We picked up "Sugar" a beautiful 11 year old fawn brindle and brought him home. We knew that adopting out an 11 year old could be tricky so we agreed to keep him here, happy and healthy until he could no longer enjoy his time on earth. We renamed him Cooper thanks to our fondness for Sheldon of the BBT, but watching Cooper daily with his soul-searching gaze, calm and serene, we slowly changed it to Coopernikis as the guy loves to "Stare into Space" Poor guy had to have all his teeth removed they were SO disgusting (and his breath - PHEW!) plus he's on tramadol and metacam for his wonkly back end. We don;t know how long he will be with us and I am dreading the winter as he is quite frail, but for now we are making sure he has everything he needs and is enjoying his old age and hopefully he has forgotten his past. Meet Coopernikis...
  13. Well well well - look who made it ashore Welcome Cap'n Jack and I can certainly attest to those whines and yelps and howls you were making at the kennel the day you adopted your humans I knew you were the one for them BUT we had to make 100% sure they knew they were the ones for you. You paid NO attention to the other families and your eyes never left your Momma as she walked around. Welcome home indeed sweetheart
  14. Hi we currently have FIVE foster hounds already in Montreal ready for adoption so, technically the wait wouldn't be long at all You can email me for an application to adopt ( donnad @ t-legs.com ) and I am sure one of our adopters up near Quebec City would be able to do a home visit !
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