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Jazz Says Thank You

Guest coastersbysteve

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Guest coastersbysteve

What wonderful, fun, amazing, and unexpected gifts!

The numbered packages even made it more exciting!

Jazz loved his treats (they didn't last long)...



And the presents...

Jazz & Max (the angel at the bridge):


Wow, still getting tears, what a cherished gift.


The main event:


This is mine too?


Got it!


I love my new bunny!!!



Is there more?



And finally, a gift for the human:


We were completely surprised by the extensive attention shown in the choosing of the presents.

You have made Christmas even more special this year.

Thank you so very much...


We hope you and your family have a wonderful and beautiful holiday season!!!

Thank you once again...


-Jazz & Steve

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So happy everyone loved their gifts!!! :colgate

The rabbit was a special pick out by Tuffy. :P

When I red about the passing of Jazz best friend it really touch me and I had to put something in the gifts about that...

and could not past aside the ''roller coaster''... behold the power of e-bay... :P



Josie and Tuffy

Our first greyhound, Tuffy: You will always be there with us my angel!
Tuffy greyhound-data
Otis greyhound-data Abbey greyhound-data
"When you open your minds to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth." W.Bishop

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