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Yardman Says : Thank You Shantismom!

Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

Well, a huge box came here for Yardman and boy was he surprised!!


Hey, wow, that's a big box with lot's of stuff. It's all for me?



Let's start with the treats



Yep, they're good! I'll help my self thankyouverymuch



Ok, what's this?



That's an ornament of me! I'm famous. :)



A new collar too!! I want to eat the paper, mom.



What's this big thing?



It's a big stuffy!!






Thank you Jen, Shanti and Nala! :kiss2



I'm going to wear the ribbons, ok?



Thank you very much Jenn Shanti and Nala! This was a super surprise. We are honored to have you as our santa.

Of course, once the camera was away, Yardman was dragging the Zebra around with him. :rolleyes: Not while the camera is out tho... It's become an object of desire among the pack and often find it under a grey head or bum.

Thank you for the collar, black is Yardman's color. :) The ornament is awesome. I love the pajama pic of him in it.


Thank you so much for everything!!


Kerri and Yardman


p.s. I am so sorry this is late. Life just got in the way.

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I am so glad you liked it! I looked for soft treats (forgot about the preservative thing, sorry) and a stuffy that could be a great pillow! I can't tell you how excited I was when I found the Zebra. :P I never got you to give me your favorite picture, so I choose one of him that I found and liked. :) You can swap them out if you would like. I think the collar will look stunning on him! I had a VERY HARD TIME making up my mind! I only have girls. He could not wear a girly looking collar. Regal, yes, girly, no!


Thanks for the pictures! I love seeing you guys open the presents!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

The Girls

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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes
I looked for soft treats (forgot about the preservative thing, sorry)


Yardman says: "Preservatives, Schmeservatives - So long as the treats taste good" ;)


Thank you again for everything.

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