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Thanks So Much Luvsmylilfruitloop!


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luvsmylilfruitloop, I'm sure you've been wondering why you haven't heard from us. Our mail has been held hostage all week as our mailbox wasn't dug out of the 20" of snow we got last week. We dug it out on Monday, but didn't get mail until I called and complained this morning :rolleyes:


You'll be happy to know that they took great care with the box :P


(it's only funny because nothing was broken!)


Hey, what's this box, mom?



This is for me?????



Well, I best dig in then!



How'd you know that stuffies are my favorite?



Ohhh, I really like this big stuffy :P (I tried to take a picture of her dragging it out of the box, but I wasn't fast enough!)



I love carob chip cookies, too! Don't worry, I shared with my stoopid brother. (You can see her other new stuffy laying under her. She dragged that one out, too)



On top of all that, we got a great treat jar and I got chocolates. I can't believe how much you packed into that box! Thanks so much for being a great SS!


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Jenn, missing Shadow (Wickford Big Tom), Pretty Girl (C's Pretty) and Tori (Santoria)

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Cute!!... How wonderful! i'm so happy everything got to you safe n sound.


The one thing this family knows how todo is pack. we travel a lot, as kids we moved a lot, and now as an adult i know how to save on shipping costs..lol Everyone at dads dialysis clinic though it was funny i was packing all the stuff there to send.


I'm so happy you enjoyed everything. I couldnt keep the doogs off the kitchen table, and out of the shopping bags, because they wanted the treats too..


Merry Christmas, Best wishes....


All of us here in the nut house...lol

The Fruitloop crew: Piper, Bloomer, Sirius Black the kitty cat, Goober, .....Insane human crew: Nikki, Chuckles, Jakob (ds), Naomi baby girl........... and Our Angel babies,, Betsy (Betsy Kiss), Momma Cat, Blue Fish, and Georgie the g-pig.

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