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Thank You Thank You Thank You Ss!


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Sebau's gift arrived, and it was a HUGE hit!!! She got the most AMAZING embroidered blankie, in RED, one of her colors!! :colgate


her blankie:




There were also lots of other goodies in the box, a picture frame, some awesome stuffies, lots of treats (btw, those little sausages were AMAZING... all the pups went nuts over them!! DH almost ate one, they smelled so good! :lol ) Just... WOW! Thank you!


I took some short videos of the pups and their loot... but I can figure out how to edit them... :unsure:blush


And yes, I will post my siggie, but first, I have to take some pics that are good enough for her to use to make it with! I'm really looking forward to it!! (thanks so much for the siggie, I have -zero- computer graphics skills :blush )

In vino veritas
Rachael with Rook, missing Sully, Sebau, and Diesel

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Guest gottaluvgreysindy

I did include a card revealing myself didn't I :unsure It is certainly possible that I forgot :colgate


I'm so glad she liked everything and I can't wait to see the siggy :offwall I know what you mean about zero computer graphic skills. I just put a siggy up myself after being her for soooo long without one.


I have to tell you that Sebau blanket was my favorite thing out of everything I've shopped for this Christmas. She is officially a Red Hat Mamma :lol


You and your crew have a VERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS

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