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Thank You Rainy And Cory!

Guest Kpparker

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Guest Kpparker

WOW! Thank you so much for everything you sent Cory. :)

Here's a replay of how the opening of Tavi's SS gift went -


Bia says: "Tavi, it's time to open up your prezzies!"





Tavi says: "Aw man, I was just getting my sleep on - that box is wayyy too big anyway"






"Fine, if you don't want to, then I will!"





"What have we got here!?!"





"Let me help you with that"





Tavi: "Ooooh a stuffie!! And it's a bunny, yum yum"





Look Tavi, a beautiful NancyB collar... and it's a custom Rainy collar so you pups are now collar buddies!






Home made card showing the lovely Rainy:






Cory made me these printed cards that I can give to people with a picture of Tavi on them, aren't they awesome?






Everything together:



Cory thank you so so much. The quilt is beautiful, did you make it yourself? And thanks for the Michigan book. I love photography and I know nothing about Michigan so it'll be fun to flip through the book and learn about it. The quick flip through I did so far makes Michigan look like a great place to live.

Oh, and Bia and Tavi very much appreciated the doggie treat. Poor Tav had to share with his little sis, but she did help him open his presents so it was only fair.







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Karen - I am SO glad that the wandering box finally made it to you!


I wish I was talented enough to make such a lovely quilt. No, I purchased it at a Church Bazaar for Tavi. I found a booth with ladies selling these lovely quilts that they had made - all to raise money for the homeless shelter for women. So - I looked, and they just happend to have one that looked to be proper "greyhound Size" :lol: I hope Tavi will enjoy cuddling with it on the cold winter nights to come. There is always love and snuggles in a handmade quilt. :heart


The wipes are necessary for Tavi's winter survival too .... to wipe the ice melter & salt off of his paws after his walks. :snowman


I hope you have a wonderful Holiday, :Peace

Sending lots of belly rubs to Tavi & Bia.


Cory & Rainy



CORY and CRICKET - Solitary Tremble & CASPER - Pj's Mia Farrow
* With CAPT. GUS - Solitary Trigger, RAINY - Peach Rain, PUP - Red Zepher, DOC - CTW Fort Sumpter
and MAX - Shiowa's Silver Maxamillion / Afghan .... all waiting at the bridge

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