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Thank Roo Peanut -- Gen, Sassy And Brooklyn!


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Hi Peanut! I finally got my mom to download the photos of me opening the BIG Secret Santa box! I was so excited!




I had to help Mom and skin sister open it.




Grrr... I had to pull really hard to get the strong tape off.


I even gave it a couple of extra bites to make sure it was all set.




Then it was time to explore! I stuck my nose right in.




Toys and Toys!!!!








I also got a really pretty hat that I can wear! Don't I look pretty in it?




I also got a blue snuggly blanket.




Mom and everyone were laughing about some of the other goodies in there that they wouldn't let me eat -- something about Yellow snow and chocolate reindeer patties. The humans also got chocolates and a yummy bag of hot chocolate mix and cinnamon muffin mix. (I hope they share the muffins with me!)




Here's some pictuers of the goodies. I also got a puppy Kong! Maybe someone will fill it with peanut butter or cheese for me. Yummmm!






Thank ROO! Secret Santas! I hope you know how much I enjoyed everything! I would give you puppy kisses if you were closer, but I'm still sending them through GT anyway!



Aero: http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=kees+uncatchable; our bridge angel (1/04/02-8/2/07) Snickers; our bridge angel (1/04/02-2/29/08) Cricket; Kanga Roo: oops girl 5/26/07; Doctor Thunder http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=P_31Oj&a...&birthland=
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WE are so glad you enjoyed everything!! Having a puppy at home (she'll be 3 on New Years Eve so still puppy brained some days) we know how much play must be done. We had fun filling our box for you to enjoy!!


Now, don't eat yellow snow! ;)


Have a wonderful Holiday!


Gen, Brooklyn & Sassy

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