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Thank You Krkwmu!


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Well, Quiet Man must've been a VERY good boy this year since he's just received a third package from his secret santa: KRKWMU & Fixer, Gracey & Bonnie! Thank you very much, we love everything!!


"Another box addressed to me?"



"Wow, something smells good!" (It's K9 Cookies!)



"I think I like this toy instead"



"Ooh yeah, I'll destroy him!!"




The link to his other packages can be found Here


Thank you so much Kristin, he loves the toys & treats, I love the bag and other goodies, have a very Merry Christmas!!

-Jen & QM :xmas

Forever in my heart: my girl Raspberry & my boys Quiet Man, Murphy, Ducky, Wylie & Theo
www.greyhoundadventures.org & www.greyhoundamberalert.org & www.duckypaws.com


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I'm so happy that both of you are enjoying everything! Those pictures are too cute! :blush I could have kept shopping and shopping this year. The little purse I picked up at Dewey. I thought it was so cute! I'm glad Quiet Man is happy with his treats and his stuffie. He's so handsome.


Hope you two have a greyt Christmas and New Year!


Happy Holidays, :reindeer

Kristin, Drew, and Fixer, Gracey and Bonnie too

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