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Oh Amber-payton Would Like To Say Thank You!


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Dear Amber,


Payton received his prezzies earlier this week. Sad to say our camera is broken so we have no pictures, but he love love loves his toys! He is especially excited over the ducks, they have been his constant companions since he opened the box. Hopefully our camera will be fixed soon and we can send you some pictures! Thank you for the wonderful Christmas prezzies!



Payton and Melanie

Melanie and Eric with Leminim and Eieio and silly kitty Elsa.
See you again someday, my sweet Payton (Flying Payton May 9, 2000-March 18, 2012)
Missing my sweet JJ, world's sweetest cat (April 1997-November 30, 2015)

Stealing food in heaven, my darling Minnie (2006-April 21, 2016)
Reunited with her favorite person in heaven, my Dad, Satin the skittish kitty (2002-May 7, 2016)

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