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Mafi, Teo And Jared Thank Their Ss


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Well, I know Jared would want to thank you if he'd been able to get in the room to partake of the prezzies. I'll try to grab a photo of him later when he's alone. He's afraid of the big guys so keeps to himself. :unsure I'm going to quietly slip a toy into his crate later when everyone else is sleeping.


Everyone had a chance to get a good sniff of the box, but they weren't interested in prolonging the agony: there are goodies in there, and we want at 'em now!


Mafi went first, as queens usually do. (notice the deceased moo-toy just above the box)








DANDI! this is not a smile of happiness. Get away from my toy or I'll tear your tonsils out!



At last, my work is done. I came, I saw, I gutted.






At the other end of the spectrum, we have Teo, who always on the lookout for anyone who might steal his toys or kick him out of his bed. He hasn't gotten the hang of prezzie-peeling yet, so mom did it for him:





This is for me? I can really have it?





Yowza! My own squeakie!!!!






Lori and Ginny, the guys thank you so much for the wonderful bling (made by our very favorite bling-maker, we should add! :P ), toys, Shelby's yummies, and for making our holidays so special for us!


Oh... and mom loved the pin from NC!! Mafi posed with that - of course, Mafi thinks she's America's Next Top Model so she'll pose for anything...







Thanks so much, Lori and Ginny! Mafi, Teo and Jared (in hiding) wish you all the happiest of holidays!





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Guest greybookends

I am so glad to brighten Christmas for all those sweeties. Jordon there is something else that will be coming for you. I ordered something for my SS packages that was mailed around Thanksgiving and the vendor even reshipped early this week and neither package has arrived. Once they do a little something else will be coming for you. :xmas

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