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Paris Says "fank Roo, Santa Paws!"

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

Hmmm....what is this?? Smells interesting...



...and Paris does NOT play on film, so I'll just tell you she tossed it around a bit. She really had a blast for a quiet little girl... and she's playing with it again now as I type this! :colgate


I :wub: my stuffie, Miss Susan! THANK ROOOOOO!!



Mommy says I can't hab da choc-lit, and we're fyting ober da bwanket. :lol Mommy can't decide who dat wuz for. Maybe yus could hep wit dat, Santa Paws! Mommy also said too say dat she :wub: the baff sawts, whatebber DOSE are. :dunno Mommy says dere are TOO MOR botses commin', too! FANK ROO, SANTA! Wez iz geddin' SPOILED!!!!

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Guest BigPercyInMa

Hey Bethany, Percy wants to know if he could come over and play with Paris (and her new toy) :wub:

He's gonna send Charm to the movies ;)


Since you got yours, maybe we'll get ours soon :lol


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Hi Paris,


I'm so glad you and your mommy like your gifts. The blanket is for you because I understand you don't like pajamas :lol But, you might want to share!


I can't wait until you get your 2 other gifts - I hope you will love them.


Susan Santa Paws

Lexi the pointeresque mutt (1999), Homer the chi mix (2010) and Lacey the ? (2009). Always remembering Dita, Best, Oba, Bubba, and the others at the bridge.

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Guest charmsmom

Love them?! Are you KIDDING?! Just LOOK at these faces!!! :lol




Ooo! Mommy, can I have one?!



I think it's safe to say the BURPDOGS were a big hit!!! :lol

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