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Thank Thank Thank Roo, Santas! (widowcali, Thatgirl2478)


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We'll get some pictures, I promise, but we've been very busy. I guess I better let all the little needlenoses get a word in, or else they're going to take over the computer altogether...


Geordie: I do most greatly enjoy my blanket, and the Trudy's treats were incomparable. My thanks, kind lady.


Shae Leigh: Oh my, we do thank you. The fleece is suitable for the royal person. A lady of my age is also entitled to fabulous sweets.


Ringo: Stuffee! Treet! Stuffee! Treet! Wow. Wow. Mom smells good two. Thankee, thankee, I lub my stuffees! An my treets!


Bull: Smells gud, ebberyting smells gud. I will sleep wit da stufees an' protect 'em. I habz eeten all da treets all reddy. Nits an' roos!

Meri & the Dorg
with Little Lee from Eetaly (Raider Retire), Freya FooFoo (Writers Block), Brodie (never raced), and "foster" JJ (Rossmore Judith). Missing Bravo, Chickie, Nico, Meri Carol, Lucky II, Ringo, Mylie, Bull, Geordie, Shae-Leigh, Stretch, Dustin, Cooper, Lucky, and Heidi.

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Guest widowcali

You're Welcom Ringo and Bull. Now, don't forget to give the stocking back to momma so that she can fill it after you empty it. It is a magick stocking. Once a handsome needle nose empties it, the momma fills it back up. See! Magick! :colgate

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