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  1. I'm in! Thanks for pulling this together again, Trudy.
  2. What part of Wales? I studied in Carmarthen years ago, have friends near Swansea. He's just gorgeous!
  3. RhodyGreys


    So sad to read this, I loved that girl. My 'puppy' (2.5 y.o.) Freya reminds me of Birdie. Until you posted about Birdie's passing, I couldn't quite figure out who Freya reminded me of!
  4. Has it only been four days? There's a hollow in my heart where a Nico used to be. He passed from some undefined cancer that made an appearance in and behind his left eye, and elsewhere, likely his lungs and digestive system. He passed peacefully at home with our wonderful vet in attendance, and the last thing he remembered was getting whippy cream from the can squirted into his mouth. The morning of his passing, I started out to take him on a last walk. Three houses away from home, we ran into a woman who sometimes walks in the mornings. She asked why I was only walking two. I explained that it was Nico's last walk. She came over to pet him and wished him 'a peaceful journey home'. My stubborn hound, who never once had allowed himself to be turned around on a walk without pulling and bucking, turned immediately and led us three houses back, leading the way. He was my "problem child", my dog who needed to wear a belly band, the one who had focal seizures from the football game crowd noise, my "breedist", the Dishonest Dog who went ahead in races, only to look for everyone else and lose. If I had known more about Nico, I probably wouldn't have been taken in by his beautiful white coat, his unexpected hugs, his ear grumbles and his tooth chattering. He lived to go for walks, for treats, and to see me, his 'momma'. I never expected another "heart dog" after my Cooper (Char Super) but I have had two: Ringo (Great Influence) and Nico (Pepi Nick, formerly 'Bolt'). Here's my tribute to Nico. The music is "Good Night" by the Simple Minds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f38sl6DMUvU
  5. How about Honcho, in honor of two of his fairly famous ancestors? He's beautiful: I hope it works for all of you!
  6. Harry was such a special boy. You could tell that he adored you, and you him. You gave hi every chance to fight the monster, cancer, but it won. Still, it cannot take your good, beautiful, positive memories. I'm very grateful that I got to meet him.
  7. I had forgotten I had written this one, but today marks the 5 year anniversary of my Ringo passing, and we have lost so many in the last 24 hours. I've modified it slightly to eliminate gender-specific references. Eternal Sleep for Shae-Leigh, December 18, 2007 On your last day, you laid your head On the softest blanket, and I said You're ready to tread where the angels tread Though I want to keep you here instead. On your last day, you met my eyes Told me you were ready to say goodbye Without fuss or fight or the smallest cry Your spirit went soaring into the sky. On your last day, you ate a meal You ate with gusto, you ate with zeal Big brown eyes turned on me to steal My heart again, in a moment so real... On your last day, you took a stroll I could see how the years had taken a toll Through the coat you shivered, my only goal Became your comfort, though it tore my soul. You sniffed the wind, you ate your food You did everything you thought you should But nothing more, then you lay down to sleep Your sleep was peaceful, your sleep was deep... I saw your legs twitch while you snoozed in the sun And I knew all you wanted to do was run From your failing body, to soar with the stars: What a gift were those last moments of ours. You gave us the sweetest, most loving years: I will miss being able to stroke your ears I will miss being able to calm your fears I will miss being able to dry my tears. I will miss every day that we do not share, But I know that someday, I will meet you there At the Rainbow Bridge, at heaven's gate. No matter the years that you have to wait. Don't worry dear hound, I will keep you safe Here in my heart, in a sheltered place. © 2007 m.e. brady
  8. RhodyGreys


    Robin: I am so fortunate that I got to meet Moxie. He was clearly where he belonged with you. Meri-Carol wasn't ready either, despite having a stroke at 13... the one thing I cling to is that she only knew a fleeting fear of indignity, but never had to suffer pain or loss of faculties, or withering anxiety. You did the best you could, and at the right time. The waiting is only for our poor human hearts, no matter how broken they may be.
  9. I have had three: Lucky (Lucky Omen) Stretch (Rancho Stretch) and Bull (Deco Bull Ahead)
  10. It's terrible to think that it has been a year. I thank you for the months you gave her... I think of all that time spent in a house where she was no longer wanted, when there wasn't anywhere near enough time in the place she was wanted and loved. When I get home tonight I'll have to look for my Gracie pics and videos. She was so full of light.
  11. Thanks for the replies! So far, nothing amiss: I am hoping that the missing portion was crunched up so fine it will never be seen, or hidden somewhere. It was a clear bowl so pieces will be hard to see in output but I have already seen the seeds from the hamburger buns that followed.
  12. We went to my in-laws' for Thanksgiving dinner: left a little after 2 pm and returned 15 minutes ago. Found a small (6" across) clear plastic bowl that we use to give a little milk to the cats (up on the table) had been stolen and chewed into little tiny bits. Little tiny sharp bits. Looks like 30-50% of the bowl is missing. There was some blood on the plastic. I do not know which of the three hounds did the eating. All three are occasionally goat-hounds and possible culprits. Do I just pray? Hope that the pieces that got eaten were really crunched up? I do not want to make them vomit, as the pieces could do as much damage coming up as going down. Give them bread? Feed a regular dinner? I'd liken this to crunching up a hard plastic ornament. Advice appreciated.
  13. Do you have someone to help you drive? At least company? Also, has he had a pepcid or gas x and have they checked out a) the roof of his mouth and teeth and his neck for strain/sprain/disk issue?
  14. Check all pockets, luggage, and laundry thouroughly. Look in and under dog beds and furniture. It's more likely that they were carried off or kicked under something? If that fails, then I'd go for an x-ray for peace of mind.
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