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Toenail Issue...

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I post my mistakes quite often.... in the hope that others may read and not do the same dumb things. I'm not proud... I'm still learning and I make mistakes.... we all do.


Here's today's lesson - :blush


I'm horrible with nail trimming. I hate it. And my dogs know it. We've done clippers, and Dremmel. I "thought" I was doing better - but we're scatter-shot with trimmings. I do a paw here... and there... and wherever...don't push it. So I'm getting at nails randomly. I do 2 paws on 1 dog..1 paw the next day...first dog again a couple days later...very randomly... and I stop when they get annoyed. But - over all... I thought I was doing ok.


WELL - I learned something tonight! Sobe came in from potty limping. I picked up his foot, checked the pads, up the leg, and saw nothing. We have crusty snow, and I know that can hurt those skinny legs, so I didn't think too much of it. Later, he was lying down, and I looked at his foot. His pinky toenail had hooked OVER the next nail!!!!! HOLY CRUD!!! I moved it back, and he was fine. His nails are a bit long....but that one was really INSANELY long! Either it grows WAY fast... or ... I missed that one!!!


Regardless.....here's today's lesson.... make sure you trim ALL nails.... because one can overlap another and hurt!


No damage done - but WOW - I don't know how THAT nail got SO out of hand..... BTW- it was the "pinky" toenail..and the rest of the nails are OK.


I'm a good grey-mom.... but heck....I screwed up on this one! I feel like crud. Sobe is 100% happy now, BTW... but there's going to be some thorough... very thorough... nail trimming in the morning!!! :eek


Can one nail be the freakaziod - quick -grower!!!


Anyway - the point is - make SURE you clip them ALL. I'm going to make sure to count nails from now on!!!

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