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Quannah Says

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Santa, we're not sure who you are, but you're Wonderful!!

Quannah begged, and we just couldn't wait,the package had to be opened

The pictures on the outside of the box were soo creative. Then when Quannah put his nose in the box he loved pulling out the reindeer stuffie(and Jack liked it too :P ) I cant figure out where you got Quannahs picture that is in the ornament; its already on the tree. Quannah loved his treats too, and shared with Jack (since we insisted.) The bling and the collar are perfect, they look really good on him, and he hadnt gotten any bling before, so he showed off and thought he was quite handsome.(which of course, he is) I took pics as he opened things and I'll try to post them later, I have difficulty posting pics

Thanks so much!

Have a Greyt Christmas!

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Guest Greytdog00

Merry Christmas Quannah!!!


Sly wants you to know that his Mom has ways of getting pictures by snooping around GT. Sly picked out the colors for the bling since he loves bling too.


Merry Christmas to your family from ours.


Sly & The Gang

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