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Sammi Wants To Say Thank You Ss!


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Dear Secret Santa~


Thank you so much for the presents!! The packaged arrived while mom was sleeping and I tried SO hard to wait for her to wake up. I didnt whine... much, or hop on her.... much, or even paw at the package WHILE whining... much! I promise! But the ears in it smelled so GOOD!


Mommy loves the collar you sent me, said it's really pretty :) I love the stuffies and ears :wub: The one is really fun to drag around with it's long legs :D


Mommy said she will get pics up soon of me playing, once she finds out where I hid the cord that she needs for the camera to talk to the computer. :blush not my fault she left it lying there while she was moving stuff around.






(from Colleen~

The moose/reindeer one with the "long legs" is by far her fave! i wish I had the camera going yesterday when she was whipping it around the living room :lol at one point she whipped it, it went airbourne and landed IN the lower branches of the christmas tree. i spun around hwen I heard the bells tinkling and was able to catch her reaction. She froze seeing where it landed, looked at me, and then back at her tree-caught stuffy that only had it's legs showing coming out of the tree. She then delicately stretched her neck WAY out and grabbed the stuff and ever so gently pulled it out of the tree and then ran to her bed and sat ON the stuffy :blink: I guess she was afraid it was going to fly again :lol Her expressions were priceless! )

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Guest charmsmom

Oh, Sammi, I'm so glad you're happy with your prezzies! And you were such a good girl while your mommy was sleeping!!! :kiss2 Charm knows those pig ears are HARD to resist and VERY smelly! And, I can't wait to see the collar on that gorgeous neck of yours! I picked it out just for you!! :wub: Now, go tell Mommy where you hid her cord! You're such a good girl! :kiss2 :kiss2 Tell Mommy to give you LOTS of scritchies tonight!



I am THRILLED that she likes her stuffies! Your description left me chuckling! :lol I had picked up Greenies, then remembered that you said she doesn't do those...so then I picked up the ears for her. I'm glad she likes them! Of course, I MUST see :digicam because there ARE :rules , so when you find that cable, make sure you take care of that!! :lol


Merry Christmas to you and yours! :reindeer

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