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Thank You Tammymacb!


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Deer Secret Santa,


I got a reel nice pressie in today. I couldn't open it till mom came home, and she was late cuz of this white stuff fallin'! Sully and I made all kinds of noise, but dad wouldn't let us open it. Mom finally got home, and I got to open my pressie! I LOVE it!!


'Specially the treats and da MONKEY!! Mom's laughin' cuz I'm carryin' it everywhere I go. Even out to potty. but I lubs my new monkey woobie. :wub: :wub:






PS Dem treats is real tasty too! Mom says tanks for all the other goodies, she really like the ornament for the tree thingy I wish I could pee on. (Why else would u have a tree in da house???) And she loves da chocolate, but she won't share it with me!! :angry: Anyway, tanks sooooooo much!!!





In vino veritas
Rachael with Rook, missing Sully, Sebau, and Diesel

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Guest tammymacb

You're welcome, beautiful boy! I'm glad you love your monkey and your treats. My guys were wondering what I was doing with all the cookies when it didn't involve giving them up. :lol


Merry Christmas.

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