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Thatgirl2478, Please Oh Please Answer This Elf!

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Hello, evil elf here, reporting for duty.

Thatgirl, Santa has asked me to find out all out Beans!



Please measure your Beans all under and over,

Santa has special things made for a "Rover",

tell us if Beans is real short or real tall,

tell us if Beans is real big or real small.

How long is Beans all down the back?

How much did Beans weigh when at the track?

Now that Beans is a sweet couch lounger,

What foods does Beans eat when the cat isn't the scrounger?

Does Beans wear a 1 1/2" or 2" nice collar?

What nicknames do you call when you have to holler?

When Beans gets all dressy, what color is best?

Please, no nude hounds, they have to get dressed!


Tell us dear Momma, so Santa can choose,

Then Beans won't leave YOU a prezzie of coal in your shoes!

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:lol :lol Love it!


I'll have to answer the measurement questions later this evening, but here's the rest of the info:


Beans gets called all manner of names - but mostly we call him Beansyboy or Stinky (he doesn't like that one much).


Beans eats everything except mushrooms and celery he loves treats of all types. This is evident by the amount that he weighs - he came off the track at about 70lbs and is up to about 75lbs now (not much, but he's an easy keeper).


He looks best in 1 1/2 collars in just about any color but the warm colors are the best for him (reds, oranges, golds, browns).


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