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What's The Fax, Jax?


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Your secret xmas-smiley-016.gif has asked Elfie to get the poop, er, the scoop (or maybe he sent me to scoop the poop?) on Jax and his mom.


Jax, you handsome hunka hound, Santa needs to know how much you weigh... he's not getting personal or anything - but could you tell us how tall you are from your tippy toes up to your withers? Are you a tall, lanky guy or more like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of greyhounds? What size collar fits you (please ask mom to measure the widest part of your head, and behind your ears, and around your neck.


What color do you look your most debonair in?


What flavor yummies make you weak at the knees?


What would you like Santa to bring you, more than anything in the world? A noisy squeaky toy to drive mom crazy? Tons of cookies? New underwear? ( :blink: ) Are there any types of yummies or toys that mommy doesn't want you to have (who at does she think she is, the fun police??? :dunno )?


Anything special mom would like to find under her tree (or Hanukkah bush)?


your liaison to the Bearded One







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Guest vtgreys

Why thank you Elf, thanks so much for asking,

in all this holiday cheer, Jax and I are basking.


Mom says she will measure me tomorrow,

as she has first to find a tape to borrow.


I'm a tall, skinny boy of eleven, who still bounds,

and I am close to 60 pounds.


My coat is brindle, so most colors make me look keen,

my mom likes to see me in red or in green.


I'm not much for toys, I'd rather be sleeping,

and any treat to me is worth keeping.


It's cold in Vermont, as you might imagine,

so something warm might be jammin.


I have less than half my teeth left,

so I prefer my teeth a little more soft.


My mom does not have such restrictions on treats,

and anything yummy she sees, she eats.


That's all I can come up with right now for rhyming,

and I thinkn I hear my dinner bell chiming.


Thank you dear elf, for a wonderful job!



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Guest vtgreys

Mom finally found the measuring tape. I sure hope she did this right. I don't think I'll be able to rhyme the measurements, so here they are straight up:


I am 28" tall, the thickest part of my neck is 16", thickest part of my head 15" and about 13 1/2" behind my ears.


Thank you dear elf!

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