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Das1075, Come On Down!

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

So Coda is the name of your hound!

But as I hear, he's not around!

The holidays must come to pass

Before he comes to sniff your .... :blink::lol


Okay, so tell your Santa dear

What things you need when she comes near!

Some stuffies or a nice big crate,

A comfy bed or biskies, GREAT!


Switching pronouns I must do

Since you know not of your hound...it's who?

A boy or girl is a mystery

But soon that too is history!


A collar might be nice, I'd bet.

Do you have a favorite color yet?

Let's help you make your hound a home

So forever more he'll never roam!

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Guest das1075

Charmsmom your poem was so delightful

When you PM’d me as an evil elf I was semi frightful

I’m new to the SS game so pardon me

Writing in prose does not come with ease


What do I have and what do I need?

It’s hard to say without coda having been seen

A collar and leash I will get

For my group makes sure that I’m all set


A crate, a bed and a stuffie I’ve got

Nail clippers, a tooth brush and dishes I’ve not

Anything you think would help us get started

Maybe even some nose plugs for when he’s farted!



Well, that was my first attempt at a poem. I never knew this whole SS business was going to be this much fun!! I already have a crate, bed, shampoo, a stuffie, name tag and a brush. My group give out a matching collar and lead with the adoption package and my friend is buying a 2hounds gift certificate for xmas so I'm all set on collars. I know I need some nail clippers, tooth brush, food/water dishes, ear cleaner, a lint roller (to remove the dog hair from my work clothes!). I also want some nature's miracle for accidents. So, that's my list for what I want to get before Coda gets here. I'm sure I'm missing some stuff. I know anything you get will be great!! Thanks so much for the poem!





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