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Shae-leigh And Geordie Want To Thank Santa


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An Ode to Santa (composed by Mr. Geordie G. Mann Holderbaum)


We were sleeping and resting, and resting and sleeping

The beds and the couches, from escape we were keeping.

When what to our wondering eyes should appear

But a slip from the postman: your package is here!


My sister and I, we were off like a shot,

Then we came to the door: well, shucks, I forgot.

Mom or Dad has to drive to retrieve our first gift

So appealing, and soulful, our eyes we did lift.


"Yes Geordie, yes Shae-Leigh" Mom said with a smile

We're headed there now, we'll be back in a while.

Great joy was shared, I heard Shae cry "Leapin' Lizards!"

Thanks, Santa, for the Simply Treats, especially those with gizzards!

Meri & the Dorg
with Little Lee from Eetaly (Raider Retire), Freya FooFoo (Writers Block), Brodie (never raced), and "foster" JJ (Rossmore Judith). Missing Bravo, Chickie, Nico, Meri Carol, Lucky II, Ringo, Mylie, Bull, Geordie, Shae-Leigh, Stretch, Dustin, Cooper, Lucky, and Heidi.

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