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Neosporin And Liquid Bandaid

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Are these OK to use with a grey? Zeus had a coursing event last weekend and he scratched himself on his inside left hind leg.

The scratch is about 3 inches long and I'm not too worried about that. But he has a small cut that maybe 3/8 to 1/2 in long. Its small but since its near on his inner leg and near the achillies tendon area he keep opening it up when he's playing. Its nothing that needs stitches, but I want to keep it together and clean.

I was going to put a butterfly bandage on it and some neosporine just to keep it pulled together and infection out. Also some liquid bandage.


Are these OK with greys? I know that they are more sensitive to chemicals than other breeds so I wanted to get some input.

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For this one, if it's just a scrape, clean it with mild soap and water and it should be OK. For future stuff, get some EMT gel - doesn't sting and is a really good product.


I use neosporin all the time with no ill effects.

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My vet sells a super product that also does not let the wound scar. I am sorry the name escapes me a moment.

I can show you pictures of my girl's leg and show you what they look like now. No real scars.


I remember-- ok well I found it. Collasate Postoperative Dressing, 7 gram Tube its not cheep but I don't think the EMS stuff is either. It does not sting. I have used it on myself also.

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