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Guest Greytdog00

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Guest Greytdog00

Best, oh Best, the senior female greyhound

Have you been the Bestest female in town?

Your age is not known, a sweet female fawn

Do you love a really green lawn?


South or North, East or West,

Where do you think the weather is Best?

A coat or a collar, maybe some bling,

What my dear Best will make you sing?


A picture for Santa is what Mommy should do,

Post it here for all to coo.

To see such a sweet baby girl all about you

Gosh, it must be hard but what's a senior girl to do?


Santa is watching,

Santa is shopping,

Santa won't rest

Santa wants something just for Best



The Elf #3

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Best would like you to know that his stupid owner forgot to specify that he is a BOY! A BIG BOY at that! Very masculine! Not a girl!!!!


Susan says "sorry about that!"




Best likes squeaky stuffies and any kind of snacks :) He doesn't need any coats but collars are always welcome.



Lexi the pointeresque mutt (1999), Homer the chi mix (2010) and Lacey the ? (2009). Always remembering Dita, Best, Oba, Bubba, and the others at the bridge.

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