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Oh Areosmom

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Guest savvyprchick

Oh this poem is for a puppy so dear

Your SS hasn’t forgotten you, so have no fear.


What kinds of things does a puppy like her need?

Maybe toys or collars or things that you can feed?


If it’s toys and stuffies, what will she like?

Will squeakies, grunters or gigglers entertain the tyke?


Of course because your baby is so fetching

Could you please post some pics of her—maybe one of her stretching?


If a collar is something your SS wants to mail

What colors look best on her… dark or pale?


I’m sure Kanga Roo is growing like a weed

So lots of measurements your SS will need.


Around the neck, chest and head to rump

Oh and your SS wants to know how high she can jump!


And for the people with whom Kanga resides

Your SS is looking for something for you, I must confide.


So what types of things would you like best?

Maybe candles or chocolates or something to help you rest!

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Hi Secret Santa! It's Kanga Roo! I read how horrible Mom's poetry attempt was for my brother Aero's reply, so I'm going to keep her out of the picture.


Toys! I love toys! I like the ones that make noises so I can chase them until my tongue hangs out of my mouth.


With my neck finally reaching 13" inches, I can actually fit into big dog collars now! I've tried on one of my sister Cricket's collars and it fits, but don't tell her I'm borrowing her clothes. :rolleyes: I am a red fawn girl so I think I look great in bolder colors like red, orange, green, and blue.


I tried really hard to stay still while Mom tried to measure me, really I did! From my neck to tail, I'm now 26", but since I'm growing like a weed, I might be a little bigger next week. My chest is still small -- 15" from shoulder to belly, and I weighed 35 pounds a week ago, although that's likely different by now. I'm almost as tall as my brother Aero, although he is much bigger and stronger than me.


I can jump really high, just like a Kanga Roo!


I will try hard today to stay still and stretch so Mom can get some pictures of me, so be patient they will be coming soon!


I am so excited about Secret Santa! Mom said I have a puppy friend to give surprises to so I guess that makes me a Secret Santa too. That's worthy of a happy Kanga Roo hop!


Oh, my mom is happy with any gift, probably she likes candles better than chocolate but I bet she'd have more fun watching me enjoy my gifts more. (really! I asked her and I'm not making it up!)


Thank you Secret Santa for asking all about me. I can't wait to find out who you are!


Aero: http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=kees+uncatchable; our bridge angel (1/04/02-8/2/07) Snickers; our bridge angel (1/04/02-2/29/08) Cricket; Kanga Roo: oops girl 5/26/07; Doctor Thunder http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?z=P_31Oj&a...&birthland=
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Guest weycoolgrey
I tried really hard to stay still while Mom tried to measure me, really I did!


:rotfl I can imagine how much fun that was! Daisy would definitely think it is a game!


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