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Minnie - Elf Needs To Know About Dallas


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Santa :xmas has asked me to help find out all about your sweet Dallas ........ :wub:


First - I need to know her sizes - can you measure her nose, measure her toes.

How big is her neck - how long is her back and what the hey - how much does she weigh?


What colors does she like to wear - what goes the very best with her hair?

Does she like to wear hoodies or jammies - you know the cute doggy underwear?


Does she enjoy the girly bling? Does she ROO - Does she sing?


What type of toys does she find fun :banana - the ones that she can toss, and catch and run.

Stuffies are nice - they giggle, grunt and scream --- of which does she dream? :sleepy


Treats are yummy - and which are her favorites for her cute little tummy?


If she needs anything else - just let us know ....

this elf is running late & has to go! :neener

CORY and CRICKET - Solitary Tremble & CASPER - Pj's Mia Farrow
* With CAPT. GUS - Solitary Trigger, RAINY - Peach Rain, PUP - Red Zepher, DOC - CTW Fort Sumpter
and MAX - Shiowa's Silver Maxamillion / Afghan .... all waiting at the bridge

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Dallas is a very good girl! She is so easy to please loves any kind of treats, cookies the only thing we dont eat is rawhide. Dallas loves pink or purple. Dallas loves her jammies we wear them on the really cold nights. Her size is 18 neck Chest 31 Back 27. She weighs 64 pounds.


Dallas love her stuffies she throws them up in the air and pounces on them.


Thanks FountainLady

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