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Sadie, Help Santa Out! (you Too Blackandbrindle)


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Sadie, Sadie, Sadie... your lovin' Santa is trying to shop for you but your mom has told him something very disturbing: you DON'T LIKE PINK?!?!?!? gah.gif Say it isn't so!!! francis.gif All of Santa's shopping plans, POOF!


So now, Sadie, you absolutely MUST share a photo of yourself, so Santa can design a very special ensemble just for vous.


Santa thought maybe something like this? Or, maybe you'd rather have this? sFun_hot.gif


Maybe just a smidgen of pink, like this one?


Oooo, la la Sadie! Aroused.gif You little vixen!


:digicam , pleeeeze!


Santa's Evil Elfie

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Guest BlackandBrindle

:lol :lol



Sadie says to say that SOME pink is good. In fact, her tag collar right now is pink. She doesn't like HOT PINK, but other pinks are ok ;)



I will attach some pictures for her Secret Santa. Let me go find some good ones.



Just wanted to say, you brought a MUCH needed smile to my face. It's still there :D

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