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Oh Burpdog....

Guest savvyprchick

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Guest savvyprchick

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Huston, this special poem

is from Santa to you!


It's getting colder and the leaves are falling

shh! Do you hear that? It's Santa calling!


The Christmas season is nearly here

But don't worry, your Santa is near.


But before he brings you treats and toys

he needs to know if you've been a really good boy.


Santa needs to know how wide is your neck

And give us your body length, what the heck!


What are your favorite toys with which to play

Could you play with squeakers or grunters or gigglers all day?


And for Huston's mom, Santa needs to know

What kind of treats or things will make you glow?


Do you like pretty smelling things?

Santa needs to know for YOU what can he bring?


Please answer these questions relatively quick

So you can soon receive a surprise from Ol' St. Nick.

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Huston here!


Oh boy, oh boy oh boy! I've been the best boy ever! I never do anything wrong (we won't talk about the bruises I give Mom when I get excited :rolleyes: )


My neck is 15 at the base and I am around 29" long. I hate pj's but Mom chases me down to put my vest on.


I love food of any kind :D I love stuffies and I need around 20 because Mahogany & Pablo break them :( I have no where to hide them..... :angry: Maybe, Santa, if you built a new room on the house, it could be my stuffy room?


Burpdog here: scents -- I like scents that remind me of Christmas :) Love dark chocolate :D

Diane & The Senior Gang

Burpdog Biscuits

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