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Momofsweetpotatoes, You Are Up Again!

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Hello, evil elf here saying "come on up!"

This time I'm asking about a different pup!

It's Gus we need to hear all about

Your Secret Santa gave me a shout.


Is Gus brindle, cow, blue, or fawn?

Does he have a cozy cover to sleep upon?

Is he young-ish, old-ish, spry or springy?

Does he like to play with a squeaky thingy?

When Gus wants to have a special treat

Does he favor cookies, pumpkin, cheese, or meat?

I hate to ask a nosy one

But what does the scale say when Gus steps on?

Is Gus a dog to wear real bling?

Does he have a need for any special thing?


Love from your evil elf! :colgate


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Guest greytmonty

Evil elf here, asking you please

Are the answers to my questions not done with ease?

For your Santa to make sure Gus gets his wish

She needs to know a bit of the dish!


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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

Dearest Ms. Evil Elf

And Secret Santa too,

I'm just a super greyhound

So let me roo to you:


I'm White and Red and handsome as can be

I've many beds to share, with my Sis and brothers three

I'm 13 years this December and acting a bit old

Things that squeak are fun and I treat them like gold

There are many things I like to munch and eat

But meaty things are my favorite treat

Evil elf and Santa I'm not one who likes to step on a scale

I'm certainly not chunky and measure 32" from shoulders to tail

I'm not a guy who wears too much decoration or bling

I'm certainly happy to open a gift of anything.



Gus :paw


Editorial note from Gus's mom (since she's not a poet) - Gus likes anything and everything (especially food!) Did I mention that he likes food?


Thanks Elf and Santa!! :)


Thank you Jen for posting that Picture of Gus, he is a handsome guy :heart

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Guest greytmonty

Gus sure sounds like a special grey.

Now your Santa can start shopping right away!

We hear that he likes his foodie and yummies.

That sounds like something she can pack up for his tummy.

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