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Third Eyelid

Guest greymommy

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Guest greymommy

So sorry that my camera is not working, so pls bear with me as I try to help you visualize what's going on.

I came home this evening to find that the skin at the inside corner of my grey's eye was somehow cut open.

Not actively bleeding, but definitely cut.

The eye has a little triangular shaped recess/point at the inner corner, where tears fall from normally.

This cut made that triangle a little longer and pointier.


The actual eye does not seem to be injured, but...

His third eyelid is brownish tinted normally so it's easy for me to notice it in the wrong spot, so....

In his "good" eye, the third eyelid is still very visible when he has his eyes open, and it covers the white part of the inside corner of his eye.

In the "bad" eye, the thid eyelid is *barely* visible and seems sunken in or retracted and I can see most of the white of the inside corner of his eye.


I am really freaked out because this deals with the eye, and will take him to the vet tomorrow after work (it's after hours now).

I did a search for old forums with the same problem, but it seems like the common thing is for the third eyelid to be stuck out, not in.

Does any one have any thoughts about what to do in the meantime or why his third eyelid is hiding like that?



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