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Oh 3dognite....

Guest savvyprchick

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Guest savvyprchick

It’s about that time of year to holiday shop

But for right now, all that must stop.


“Why?” I’m sure is the question you ask

And the reason is that I have to give you a task.


Could you please post a photo of your beloved Rascal boy

Because your Secret Santa is ready to find a present to deploy


If you don’t have a digital one or just don’t know how to do it

I’m sure there are lots of people (even me) who’ll show you through it.


On Rascal what color do you think is best?

Do you have a wish list so your SS won’t have to guess?


If a collar would be your season’s surprise

Could you take time to get your boy’s neck size?


Or if it is something to keep him warm and cozy

Could you please measure from his tail to his cute little nose-y?


Could you tell us your pup’s most favorite yummy

Who knows… maybe that’s what he’ll be getting for his tummy.


Squeak, grunt or go quack…

Are these the kind of toys that your pup does lack?


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How much fun is this!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bounce


ok, as requested ,,, Rascal ~ :wub:






We haven't put together a wish list,, but since you ask: He looks great in browns and gold tones because his eyes are a soft brown, but to be honest,,, I don't think he could look bad if he tried!!! :rolleyes:

He likes to cuddle under soft blankies, and he likes to wear coats on cold days, (utah has a few of those!) He has no shame, and has been known to wear crazy costumes on occasion!





I'll have to get back to you on the neck size and the tail to nose-y size,, gotta find a measuring devise!


He's never meet a yummy for his tummy that he didn't like!!! anything and everything including carrots go into his mouth! :)


and there's this thing about stuffies ~~ he has never, ever played with a stuffie,, doesn't know how,, and doesn't care about them at all,,, I've tried everything accept playing with them myself! ;)


I hope this will hold you over until I can find the measuring devise!

Thanks for inquiring about my boy!



I love Christmas and SS time!!! :bounce8




lorinda, mom to the ever revolving door of Foster greyhounds

Always in my heart: Teala (LC Sweet Dream) , Pepton, Darbee-Do (Hey Barb) , Rascal (Abitta Rascal), Power (Beyond the Power), and the miracle boy LAZER (2/21/14), Spirit (Bitter Almonds) 8/14

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