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Flea And Tick Allergic Reaction!

Guest ChloeMom

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Guest ChloeMom

What a nightmare! I am standing here watching my girl suffer in agonal itching! I have washed the stuff off, but she is still pacing and acting very uncomforttable! Does anyone have experience with this product? It's all natural ingredients- thought it might be a good try since the Frontline costs a pretty penny- I guess now I know why!!! I don't recommend this product for the greyhounds! I'm returning the one for my cat, too; just in case she is also allergic.

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Shanti had a bad reaction to K9 Advantix. Sorry! I know how sad and painful it is to watch them. It will wear off, but it takes a while. I bathed Shanti that night and again in the morning. There was a big difference after the first bath.


Hugs to you and your girl.


You can give her a benedryl for itching. That might help. Shanti did not itch.

The Girls

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Guest HersheysMom

Is this what you used? Yes, it gets terrible review on this site...I have stayed away...lots of skin irritations on non-greys as well:





If you want to go all natural, I'd use this instead. We've used this instead of Frontline for two years now and no problems, and it works:


Herbal Defense Spray



Hope it wears off soon...poor girl.

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